Hey everyone!

a little about me 

Tech nerd turned artist, I started out as a software developer and quickly got tired of the day to day computer sitting. I've since pursued a career in photography, which is my passion. Nowadays, you'll most likely catch me out exploring with my camera. I'm a big fan of hanging out in the big cities, but I also love to be out in the middle of nowhere getting the perfect nature shots and just enjoying the great outdoors. 
I have two wonderful dogs who I try to take with me wherever I possibly can.

P R E V I O U S 

n e x t 

Fun Facts

Get to know me

I have the two greatest dogs in the world. 

Their names are Arrow and Scout and they are my favorite people to hang out with 

I grew up in Seattle, WA 

The west coast will always be my favorite place to be, though I've recently started to really dig the New England vibe. 

I'm a lover of all kinds of music

 I have the privilege of playing guitar at my local church but I also enjoy jazz, metal, and some good folk music. 

My favorite movies

My favorite movies are The Patriot and The Internship. Both for very different reasons but they're my go-to movies.

Let's Do this 

I've recently moved to the New England area and am excited to start working with other entrepreneurs at building strong brands and big followings. Let's do this together.